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The most popular blood oxygen testing products

Saturation of blood oxygen is an important physiological parameter that reflects the function of breathing and circulation, and is an indicator of the ability of human blood to carry oxygen. In the new epidemic prevention, monitoring blood oxygen is beneficial to find patients who become heavier early;

According to the fourth version of the new coronavirus diagnosis and treatment plan, the blood oxygen at rest (without exercise and emotional agitation) is less than 93% (at home recommended less than 95%), there may be lung infections, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately;

The above popular science information comes from the Internet.

In this special period, it is more helpful to prepare an oximeter for early monitoring and to prevent getting up and taking a test every day.
In fact, many sports bracelets and watches also have the function of measuring blood oxygen, but the principle is slightly different from the acupressure type. In simple terms, the bracelet and the watch mostly rely on the reflection type, and the acupressure type is calculated by transmission; from accurate In terms of degrees, the acupressure is more accurate.

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