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  • GP-300 infrared thermometer gun
  • GP-300 infrared thermometer gun
GP-300 infrared thermometer gunGP-300 infrared thermometer gun

GP-300 infrared thermometer gun

  • infrared thermometer
  • non-contact
  • Product description: GP-300 infrared thermometer gun

Details page


Product name : infrared thermometer

Measurement Range: Temperature mode :34-42.9

Measurement time : 2 second

Measurement distance : 1-3cm

Auto OFF : 18 second

Memory data : 32

Power supply : DC 3V



delivery time


We usually ship the goods by DHL, Fedex, UPS and other courier methods after receiving the payment, 2-4 working days. If you need to specify the courier, please contact the salesperson.




This product is mainly composed of display screen ,infrared detection head,PCBA board and housing.

List of accessories :1 instruction manual(including warranty card ), 1 certificate . 2 AAA batteries





since the product is used repeatedly,be sure to clean it each time after use;

 prior to using the product , read thoroughly the Instruction Manual, and make sure the batteries have been properly installed

 Itis forbidden to place the thermometer into any liquid or use it in extra-high or low temerature environment for a long time;

 Do not impact,drop the unit or place it together with sharp articles . Do not disassemble it on your part.

 Do not use the unit in surrounding with strong electronic and magnetic interference;

Keep the thermometer that far from little children`s reach;

 It is suggested that user practise using unit enough times in order to master the usage.Avoid modifying the defaulted settings at the factory;

 The measurement results can not take place of medical diagnosis;

During use no special maintenance is necessary. In the case certain failure occurs,contact the dealer or manufacturer.